On-site lodging is provided in a comfortable hunting lodge consisting of, 7 bedrooms, 4 baths, kitchen and large living room area, deer, elk and turkey can be observed regularly out the lodge windows or from the porches. Bedrooms are double occupancy with a bathroom shared by two bedrooms.

we have satellite big screen TV and Wi-Fi.  All bedding, linens, towels and great ranch-style meals are included. Hunters only need to bring their own personal items. Hunters are scheduled to arrive at our lodge the afternoon the day before the hunt starts. Non-hunting guests will be charged $150 per day.


Our experienced guides have guided in this area for many years. This is an added advantage as guides are familiar with the country and assist in countless hours of scouting before hunters arrive and between hunts. All hunts are guided; trophy elk, cougar, gold mule deer and whitetail, 1X1, silver mule deer, antelope, cow elk, turkey, and black bear are guided 2X1.

Hunting License

Hunting license are obtained through private land permits we issue or over the counter license. These are both guaranteed, there is no state drawing to apply for. 

The nearest airport is Colorado Springs, CO.  Other airports are located in Denver, Co; Albuquerque, NM; OR Amarillo, TX.

​​​Ideal Hunts for Everyone

Our hunts are ideal for many different hunters. We specialize in working with the hunter having difficulty with the rugged country that wildlife inhabits as well as for the hunter who can’t get around like they once could.

We have successfully guided hunters in their mid 80s, hunters in wheel chairs, many with ankle, knee, or hip difficulties and have success rates in the high 90% on quality trophy animals in a fair chase environment.

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We lease several private ranches in Northeast New Mexico. This area has canyons and top country running on both sides of a river valley that is an ideal home to elk, mule deer, antelope, bear , COUGAR, PRAIRIE DOGS, COYOTE and turkey. We offer fair chase, guided trophy hunts for each of these species.  

We are improving wildlife habitat by thinning trees, improving water, controlled burns, and controlling predators. Our high quality hunts are maintained through selective trophy hunts and a very limited number of hunters. Long-term emphasis on quality and respect of the game has been the key to high success rates for our hunters.

About Our Company

Located in Northeast new Mexico our private land includes a variety of wildlife habitats. Ponderosa pines, cedar and pinion trees, mountain mahogany, oak brush and gramma grass are native to the land. Nutritional grasses and alfalfa grow along the river bottom hay fields.

Ranging in elevation from 6,500 feet on mesas, volcanic peaks to 5,300 feet in the canyons, and bottom country. Most of the terrain is accessible by 4 wheel drive vehicles, which enables hunting off the rim rocks.


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